Module 5 – Periodic Table and Periodicity


 Main Concepts Covered

  1. The position of metals, non-metals and metalloids in the Periodic Table.
  2. The physical and chemical properties of metals and non-metals.
  3. The connection between electronic configuration and group and period number.
  4. The trend in atomic radius, melting point, ionization energy, and reactivity of groups I and II
  5. The trend in reactions with oxygen, water and dilute acids in group II.
  6. The trend in atomic radius, reactivity, electrical conductivity and ease of ionization across period III.
  7. The trend in atomic radius, ionization energy, and reactivity of group VII
  8. The trend in displacement and oxidizing strength of group VII



Periodicity can be pressuring to learn, but not with the practice in this module. Here, you will journey beneath the surface of the Periodic Table to clearly explain and effectively apply the trends in atomic radius, ease of ionization, electronegativity, oxidizing strength, and much more. Buy now to be empowered with explanatory skills in periodicity.

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