Module 6 – Bonding and Structure


 Main Concepts Covered

  1. Principles underlying chemical bonding
  2. Chemical formulae and naming of ionic and covalent compounds
  3. Process and product of ionic bond formation
  4. Formation of cations and anions, and identity of polyatomic ions
  5. Definition and calculation of valency
  6. Process and product of covalent bond formation
  7. Difference between bond pair and lone pair of electrons
  8. Polar and non-polar compounds
  9. Process and product of metallic bond formation
  10. Structure and properties of ionic, covalent, and metallic solids, including type of bonding, electrical conductivity, solubility, melting point
  11. Crystal lattice structures and formula unit
  12. Comparison of ionic and simple molecular substances



Start the journey of becoming an expert at chemical bonding, with the skills of comparing ionic, covalent, and metallic bonding in terms of the nature, process, product and examples of the bonds; formula writing; allotropy; and comparing the properties of ionic, giant covalent, and metallic solids in terms of electrical conductivity, and much more.

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