Module 7 – Quantitative Chemistry


 Main Concepts Covered

  1. Perform mole-mass; mole-number of particles; mass-number of particles conversions, including the reverse conversions
  2. Use percentage mass to determine empirical and molecular formulae
  3. Determine molar volume at STP and RTP given mass, moles, number of particles, and chemical equations
  4. Perform calculations to determine quantities to make standard solutions
  5. Determine mass and molar concentration of substances and based on titration reactions
  6. Use stoichiometric analysis to relate reactants to other reactants and products in terms of mass, moles, molar volume, and number of particles
  7. Determine limiting reagents



Develop the skills of analyzing questions on quantitative Chemistry with keenness and laying out your response in a clear, logical and mathematically sound way with correct units. This module covers stoichiometric analysis, titration, and mole with respect to amount of substance, mass, volume and concentration. Also, buy now and boost your skills of balancing equations, determining empirical and molecular formulae, and much more.

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